11 Tips to Persuade

Thanks to Shaun Groves for his spot-on tips on persuading people. He talks specifically about selling people on a response to children living in poverty, but for the most part his tips are highly useful wherever you are. My favorites were:

#4: No statistics. They’re great for powerpoint presentations and board room arguments, but in your typical coctail party conversation or elevator exchange, a single story can pack more punch than a list of statistics.

#7: Be positive. Show a little of the problem, a lot of the solution. People don’t like to feel guilty. They don’t like uncomfortable conversations. They’re put off by ‘difficult situations.’ Focus on the solution, stay upbeat.

And then there’s Point #2 – Don’t lie. And exaggerating is lying. When I’m watching the commercials at game time, I wonder if any of those people sitting in their advertising offices have ever heard that one. Just sayin’.
Marketing Megatrends
Thanks to Adam Kleinberg at iMedia Connection for his post yesterday about what he calls the Elephant in the room. There are 5 guiding factors, he says, that are driving successful marketing campaigns today – not the branding and strategically designed brand-unique stuff, but the overarching how-to’s of applying it.

For each of the 5 he gives an example of a company that’s doing it right. The usual suspects are in there – Apple, Sprint, IBM, but the surprises aren’t really so surprising – Ally Bank (formerly GMAC), the maker of those cute commercials where the suited grown-up tricks a kid with a bike or a hores; and Alibaba, who you would surely know if you’ve ever looked into a wholesaling or import/export business – they make the big, scary world a lot smaller.

The five megatrends he lists are the driving factors behind the success of both social media and social enterprise – user-generated content, constant connectivity, and distrust in big business play directly into the hands of social media. The world becoming smaller through technology and urgency to fix modern problems fuel green initiatives and social enterprise.

When it comes down to it, the principles that are driving successful marketers are accessible to everyone – the market has turned highly favorable for small business, and that can only be good. The climate of the market encourages competition and invites entrepreneurial innovation. All signs point to this trend having a reasonably long life-span, and we’re looking forward to seeing what new brands emerge to challenge those big businesses that have traditionally had a corner on the market.


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