Why businesses need blogs

Thanks to Social Media Examiner for pointing out the September study by McKinsey that polled global companies about their experience with Web2.0 (or Social media).

More than one-half of respondents (52%) said Web 2.0 tools increased marketing effectiveness, while 43% reported higher customer satisfaction and 38% reduced marketing costs.

Companies cannot simply adopt these technologies and expect their customers to use them en masse, however. Among firms reporting measurable benefits from Web 2.0, 74% said it was important to integrate the tools with other forms of customer interaction, and 52% said marketing the Web 2.0 initiatives themselves was a best practice.

Let’s take a look at how blogs, specifically, can be helpful.

  1. Internal communication with employees and staff. Blogs foster cross-functional knowledge sharing and collaboration between departments. They reinforce key company messages like vision and mission, and help the company turn its people into evangelists. The more the message is communicated, the more the staff will know how to communicate it to others.
  2. Customer-related purposes. Blogs are an ideal place to make yourself useful to customers, clients, and users. It’s a medium to share information about your product or service as well as complimentary products and services. For instance, a blog for a residential maid service might post articles on how to ensure your housekeeper is efficient, how to maintain a level of clean between service, and how to reduce clutter and organize well. It’s brilliant. Give your customers something useful and they’ll return to your site often. Any marketer knows that the more time a client spends in your store (and your website is your online real estate), the more money they’re likely to spend with you.
  3. Working with external partners/suppliers. What happens when you become known online as an authority in your industry (which is exactly what happens when you blog well)? You get attention. You get attention from resellers, industry publications, vendors, and all sorts of people and companies that you can partner with to raise your company’s brand.

The study above shows that 51% of companies polled worldwide are experiencing measurable return from their blog. We’ve just given 3 reasons why blogs are successful. In our experience we’ve seen blogs raise company websites to the number 1 link on popular search engines. We’ve seen blogs draw customer support for the brand and entice attention from industry experts. Does your company have a blog? If not, why not start one now?

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