Coworking meets childcare?

Have you heard of coworking? It’s a great new business model that engages like-minded entrepreneurs in any given geographic region. Office space is created that allows work from home professionals to rent desk space as needed and collaborate with other people with similar goals.

It’s an affordable, community-friendly way to get out of the house and into an office, boosting productivity and facilitating networking. What could be wrong with that? In our opinion, nothing. It’s green, it’s smart, it’s all kinds of fun.

In our area there’s only one coworking opportunity now, and it’s a good 40-minute drive, making it not so green, especially for what usually amounts to a 2-3 hour work block before heading off to a meeting or to pick up one kid or another from school.


And that made me think… A large number of the entrepreneurs are working from home, many of them with young children at home. There are networks for them like WAHM, MOMS club. Why not combine the interests? Start a coworking office that appeals to local small business owners and provides a space and supervision for their children? Gives whole new meaning to bring-your-child-to-work-day, doesn’t it?

You know what I’m thinking? Lots of local churches have preschool programs and drop-in mothers morning out programs for young children. They also have office space that’s unused Monday through Friday and plenty of broadband wireless internet.

You know what else I’m thinking? Local community centers (and libraries too) could do the same thing. Every local community center and local library is looking to secure sustainable funding. Why not appeal to where the market is headed? The infrastructure is there – why not use it to earn revenue? Just a thought.

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