Why your business MUST be on Facebook

This morning Social Media Examiner posted 11 reasons your business must be on Facebook. Go. Read it. I’ll wait.

Read it? Back now? Thanks.

What we thought was really intuitive about this post was not just the tips for making Facebook pages more effective (like, by adding video and photos; making it useful to fans). It was the customized news feed and the real-time search. Do you realize that these things are game-changers in the way we interact online?

Customized news feed means that Faceb0ok is effectively analyzing what I (or you, or your target customer) reads and likes, and – not unlike Aunt Maddie – targets what they show them. If Facebook thinks I like fair trade coffee (I’d have to say, it’d be right on there), it’s likely to show me things related to that. Fair trade tea, aluminum thermos, news about Nicaraguan coffee farmers. Wow. Now, if it would just stop showing me Cousin Betsy’s Farmville progress.

What’s more? This is really exciting. I googled my favorite salsa the other day and do you know what came up? The typical list of links, but woven into that list were some subsections – related blogs and social media postings. That’s huge. That means that when someone googles my business they might get reactions (good or bad) from clients, former clients, blog posts about us – and the same goes for someone googling any of our clients. The picture below is from search results on Google for “Haiti.” Do you see the scroll bar on the side? That’s because it’s a hot trending topic and as I spent mere seconds on the search page that field was constantly updated with Twitter results, blogs, news, and yes – Facebook status updates.

Soon we’ll get to a point where if I google (or bing, I guess) a local restaurant it’ll show me not just what ‘people’ have to say about it, but what my personal network has to say. Wow – word of mouth gone crazy!

So how about your business? Are you on Facebook?

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