Anti blogging cliques

Dear bloggers,

Please disable the “must be registered to comment” function of your blog. It pretty much guarantees that I won’t interact with you. And it throws me right off your site – off to engage with someone else. See, I have no problem with inputting my name and contact information in the contact form. I don’t even mind the annoying captcha box. But if I have to login and create a password for your site in order to comment, I won’t do it. And that means I read your post, had something brilliant to say about it, and then kept my thoughts to myself, walking away frustrated.

anti-discussion blog

Here’s the deal. Do you really think you’re so important that I want to be a member of your blog community? That I want to add your blog login information to my ridiculously long list of login authentications? And when it comes down to it, how secure is your community? Since most people use the same login information for their banks as they do for less secure sites, what happens when there’s a data breach?

When it comes down to it, people will only participate if it’s convenient, unobtrusive, and easy. Make it easy to comment and you’ll be surprised how many people start to engage with you. That’s what builds community, and that’s what makes it interesting. (Unless, of course, you’re looking for a place to exercise the art of the monologue, speaking into the void.)

The moral of the story is: Unless you’re a megalopolis of an online community that adds some huge value to entice me to join your exclusive community, disable the required registration function. I don’t want to be one of your clique-buddies. I just want join the discussion you started.

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