Location-based apps make sense!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the social component of social media, including location based apps. But I’ve always taken a bit of a hard line on any app that tells the world exactly how far from home you are. It seems to me like it’s just inviting trouble.

But Four-square redeemed itself in my eyes this week. In the midst of an evacuation of a highly populated area, the Wall Street Journal used Four Square to notify people in the vicinity to evacuate.

It’s creative solutionizing such as this that could turn social media from a fun frivolity and potential revenue stream, into a serious component to contribute to critical operations at the business and public level. It helps that the evacuation was in Times Square, smack in the middle of NYC, which boasts the highest concentration of Four Square users.

Still, think about the implications for disaster preparedness and emergency response. This is just the type of thing I love to see.

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