About Us

Engage Themâ„¢ is a family-run online presence and social media consultancy. We work with small to medium businesses, schools, local governments, churches, and non-profits to help them engage their target audience online. Whether you’re looking to connect with customers, clients, or constituents, we can help you meet your goals through thoughtful application of social media, blogs, and an organizational website.


Eugen is a marketing and business development executive from the IT field, dealing mostly with online security and emerging technologies. He’s an analytical guru and we’ve never met a problem he couldn’t solve. Go on, double-dog dare him!

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Kathy is a copywriter and editor who likes nothing more than staying on top of all things social, and is always looking for a creative outlet to hone her design skills.

Some of the places you might see our work are:

  • dotFX (Cloud security solutions, PssA)
  • UNDP (International development)
  • FLAGFA (Florida Association of Fleet Administrators)
  • Polk County (Logo design)
  • Catholic Relief Services (International Development)
  • Regional and National Political campaigns
  • Tricerion (Information security technology company)
  • Broom Huggers (Consumer services)
  • Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef (Media & Broadcasting)
  • The AWP Group (HR / Executive Search)

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