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Coworking meets childcare?

Have you heard of coworking? It’s a great new business model that engages like-minded entrepreneurs in any given geographic region. Office space is created that allows work from home professionals to rent desk space as needed and collaborate with other people with similar goals.

It’s an affordable, community-friendly way to get out of the house and into an office, boosting productivity and facilitating networking. What could be wrong with that? In our opinion, nothing. It’s green, it’s smart, it’s all kinds of fun.

In our area there’s only one coworking opportunity now, and it’s a good 40-minute drive, making it not so green, especially for what usually amounts to a 2-3 hour work block before heading off to a meeting or to pick up one kid or another from school.


And that made me think… A large number of the entrepreneurs are working from home, many of them with young children at home. There are networks for them like WAHM, MOMS club. Why not combine the interests? Start a coworking office that appeals to local small business owners and provides a space and supervision for their children? Gives whole new meaning to bring-your-child-to-work-day, doesn’t it?

You know what I’m thinking? Lots of local churches have preschool programs and drop-in mothers morning out programs for young children. They also have office space that’s unused Monday through Friday and plenty of broadband wireless internet.

You know what else I’m thinking? Local community centers (and libraries too) could do the same thing. Every local community center and local library is looking to secure sustainable funding. Why not appeal to where the market is headed? The infrastructure is there – why not use it to earn revenue? Just a thought.

Earned media

We’re seeing more and more traction from the term “earned media,” referring to fan-generated publicity at no cost to the advertiser. Sean Corcoran of Forrester developed this chart to elucidate the different types of advertising:

The role of paid advertising is rapidly changing from the forefront of company marketing strategies to the last addition, and often used to contribute to successful earned media and owned media. As the way people perceive information and make decisions changes, so must the way we reach them – true both for advertising agencies and the companies that employ them.

According to the CMO of Ford, James Farley, “You can’t just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other.” That is the heart of earned media, of social media, and it should be at the heart of our company’s strategies for growth.


We posted a while back about Boston’s use of Citizens Connect iPhone app, but CNN picked up a story today as front page online, and Boston is just one of numerous cities using the technology. In New York, San Francisco, Washington, and who knows where else, citizens can contact city hall about non-urgent matters of public works upkeep.

This is more than just an inventive way of applying technology to routine tasks. This puts governance in the hands of the people. Instead of shaking our heads with downcast eyes as we pass newly painted graffiti, we now have the power to alert the correct department and reclaim the upkeep of our cities.

Local governments have posted sets of data for the use of developers, because, as CNN’s article says, “tech communities are better able to make government data useful than the governments themselves, said Peter Corbett, CEO for iStrategyLabs and organizer of a contest called “Apps for Democracy” in Washington.”

Twitter vs. YouTube

Yesterday’s article at Fast Company comparing 2009 trends between Twitter and YouTube went so far as to call YouTube frivolous. I’d have to accede¬† the vast majority of the content on YouTube is, in fact, pretty frivolous, but there are other gems of a more serious nature – lectures, seminar videos, and the not-so-occasional soap-box crusader.

Twitter, as Fast Company calls it, does ‘life-casting,’ which apparently is less frivolous. The most engaging topic on Twitter in 2009 was the Iranian elections and backlash from them. Not altogether surprisingly, Iran is missing from the top searches at YouTube. It would seem that even though there are plenty of users on the frivolous side of Twitter, there are also a lot of people using microblogging to accomplish some wicked serious stuff.



It seems that Fortune 100 companies are largely missing the boat with Twitter. While several use Twitter to keep their ears open, reading tweets (as what we in the blogosphere call “trolling”), all too many aren’t using Twitter at all.

Image Credit: Holy Kaw!

Check out the rest of the report, detailing how “twueless” companies can get a clue.

Letter to mom

Dear Mom,
Contrary to what you might believe, technology is not bad for my health. I am not well on my way to becoming a hermit, and even though my job doesn’t include the multifaceted pleasures of spending countless hours in my car traveling from here to nowhere and back again, nor does it afford me the highly tactile and satisfying work of knuckle-callousing elbow grease, I am not going to become better friends with my computer than with real people.

Love, me

A study was released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project that tells us that Social Media is just that – social. New technologies are changing the landscape of the internet and, contrary to what many believe, online activity is not going turn us all into anti-social hermits. Thank you to the Pew Internet and American Life Project for allaying my mother’s concerns. Of course, she won’t be reading this, since she’s out drinking tea with her friends (separated from both her computer and her cell phone, of course).

Credit: HubSpot

Girly pics

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki at AllTop for alerting us to this study.

It would seem that every night is ladies night on social networks. And that it’s all in the pictures!¬† It would seem that people like to see pictures on social networking – it’s what keeps them interested. A full 70% of applications are photo apps. And it just so happens that pictures of women get more views than anything else – everyone is looking at the ladies – even the ladies.

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