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Confidential leaks in social media

Apparently there have been some data leaks via Twitter and Facebook from the Ministry of Defense in the UK. We thought this might be a good time to brief everyone on acceptable communication on social media sites.

Things that are acceptable to Tweet (that means “post on Twitter,” for the newbies)

  • Tonight’s dinner plans
  • Your reaction to the day’s news
  • Where you spotted Paris Hilton incognito
  • Your reaction to “Pants on the Ground”
  • Your boss’s reaction to “Pants on the Ground”
  • What you think about Conan O’Brien
  • A link to an interesting article or development in your field of expertise
  • A picture of something scandalous written in “clean” on the back of a dirty truck
  • What your husband said in his sleep

Things that are unacceptable to Tweet

  • Names of secret agents
  • Passwords to access confidential government data
  • Troop movements – planned or actual
  • Where the President, Prime Minister, or Queen will be tomorrow at 9:14
  • How to gain access to limited-access government buildings
  • Credit card numbers – yours or someone else’s
  • Trade secrets
  • Compromising pictures of your boss (unless of course, you’re trying to get fired)
  • What your wife calls your ‘man parts’ – you might not get fired for it, but you’ll probably end up on the couch
  • Unpublicized names of nominees for a government position
  • Anything else confidential, related to national security, or requiring top secret clearance

So, that’s about it folks. Hopefully this was nothing new to anyone. If it was, please call someone for help – it doesn’t need to be me. Call up the nearest college student – they’ll get you sorted.

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